From time to time, we all need a little solitude, to relax, revive, rejuvenate and recharge our body and mind. Spa Anilana has been specially designed as a haven of invigorating treatments. Experience essential sensory pleasures with us, specially designed by a world renowned Spa Specialist, our treatments showcase the natural beauty of our local products, Sri Lanka at its therapeutic best.

Anilana Spa - Facilities


The Anilana Spa has been designed to provide a relaxing and private environment. Different treatment rooms have been assigned for touch therapies such as massage, wet treatments, Hydrotherapy, Sauna and Steam, as well as Face and Body Treatments. Our Spa Suite has been designed for two to simultaneously experience our treatments in a luxurious private environment. All rooms are surrounded by water and are open air but shaded, giving the facility a very natural and harmonious feel. Strictly private and peaceful, the Spa is designed for comfort and to blend with natural surroundings. We have developed special ranges of treatment products which are used to help provide a memorable healing and sensory experience. Carefully selected relaxation areas, herbal teas and relaxing music contribute to this tranquil environment, specially for you to recharge and rejuvenate.

Treatment Concept

Anilana’s Spa treatment concepts have been developed for you to enjoy the synergies between traditional Ayurvedic philosophies, indigenous Asian healing practices and ancient Sanitas Per Aquam treatments. These ancient and modern collaborations help create therapies that treat the body as a whole. It is believed in ancient texts that “dis-ease begins in the mind”, our aim is to help our guests to achieve a positive and healthy balance between mind and body with memorable sensory experiences, Our skilled therapists help to achieve this with the use of exclusive spa products, locally produced and specially developed for each treatment, Ayurvedic healing practices have

inspired the development of our Spa product lines, which incorporate blends of indigenous herbs, aromatic spices, exotic fruits, flowers and essential oils to showcase the best of what Sri Lanka has to offer.
Treatment Concept

Spa Menu

Created specially for you

Focusing on the principles of Relaxation, Revival, Rejuvenation and Recharging our minds and body, we have developed a menu of treatments with an appealling variety of options that should appeal to most guests. Allow us to pamper you, escape and take some time out to yourself, enjoy a little well deserved self indulgence.